Power BI Custom Visuals Privacy Terms

Privacy Terms

Last updated: October 15, 2020

This privacy policy is for our power BI custom visuals (Tile Search Slicer by TME AG, Toggle Switch by TME AG, Ratings Visual by TME AG and all upcoming visuals from TME AG). Our Power BI custom visuals do not collect or use any of your personal information. The visuals only receive data from Power BI and doe local computations and rendering in the client browser. These custom visuals do not contact to any external services or make any HTTP request outside of power BI sandbox. Hence, no information is transmitted to third-party services.


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If you have any questions related to our documentation or any questions regarding our privacy policy,
please contact us at kontakt@tme.ag or +49 69 7191 3090 or Hamburger Allee 26-28, 60486 Frankfurt am Main.